Technology Week

Types of Activities


No. of


Number of


Related  crop/livestock technology




Kisan gosties were conducted on  

Lectures organised



Lectures were organized to update farmers knowledge on different technologies 




World soil day 

Film show



 During the training programmes different film shows related to different technologies were displayed to trainees





Farm Visit



 Scientist visit to farmers field

Diagnostic Practicals



Diagnostic field visit to different crops   

Distribution of Literature (No.)



 Leaf lets, brocheurs, popular articles, pamphlets etc., were distributed to farmers

Distribution of Seed (q)



 Paddy seed were distributed to farmers

Distribution of Planting materials (No.)



Large scale plantation drive, KVK demonstration field   

Bio Product distribution (Kg)



Vermicompost, Vermi wash, waste decomposer etc., 

Bio Fertilizers (q)



Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Trichoderma viridae, Pseudomonas, PSB, KMB, Rhizobium etc., 

Distribution of fingerlings



Fisheries day Celebrations   

Distribution of Livestock specimen (No.)



Rajasree birds, gramapriya, kadaknath birds were distributed

Total number of farmers visited the technology week



 A total of 1050 farmers were participated